For personnel who have no previous crane experience

Offshore Crane Training Level 1

This course is designed to suit personnel who have no previous crane experience.


  • By the end of the course the candidates will be aware of the relevant regulations governing lifting operations and the safe use of cranes
  • Be aware of the correct use and limitations of lifting equipment
  • Be able to interpret information from various sources including load charts
  • Be able to identify different cranes types their specific requirements and associated hazards
  • Be conversant with crane terminology and control and transmissions
  • Be aware of the best practices to be employed when operating cranes and be able to adhere to them
  • Be able to carry out pre operational tests and checks and shutdown procedures
  • Be conversant with rated capacity indicators and other safety devices and their correct uses
  • Be able to plan lifting operations effectively
  • Be able to assess various loads and weather conditions and the impact they have on lifting operations
  • Be able to operate a crane in a safe and controlled manner with regards to the safety of personnel and assists

    Additional Information

    5 Day Course
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