Principles and responsibilities of national & international security duties

Designated Security Duties

On completion of the course students will be able to understand the Principals and Responsibilities of National and International Requirements of Security Duties to Seafarers in a Security Role. They would have acquired the skills to: Maintain the conditions as set out in the ship security plans, appreciate security levels, develop and maintain measures for the control of access to the vessel, conduct ship security and risk assessments and implement effective search mechanisms and security control. Piracy and armed robbery is covered in all the afore-mentioned skills areas.


  • Maintain conditions set out in a Ship Security Plan
  • Recognition of Security Risk and Threats
  • Undertake Regular Security Inspections of the Ship
  • Proper usage of Security Equipment and Systems, if any

Competence will be evaluated on continuous assessment and on completion of this module of the course, learners will be issued with a certificate of competence. Learners are requested to bring along their ID or Passport and a black pen on day one of the course.

Additional Information

2 Day Course
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